Parents with faulty pool fencing are the focus of a new campaign after more than 20 children drowned in backyard pools in Australia in one year.

The Kidsafe Victoria program is calling on pool owners to check their pool barriers and gates on October 6 to reduce drownings in backyard pools.

Among the biggest dangers to young children around pools are faulty gates that do not close or climbable objects left near the fence.

Kidsafe Victoria president Robert Caulfield says a large number of drownings are caused by faulty pool fencing that is sub-standard.

"The tragedy of a drowning incident can have a lifetime impact on family and friends," Mr Caulfield said.

"Children drown quickly and quietly and we urge all parents with pools or visiting homes with pools or spas to make sure they maintain constant supervision of their children around water."

Drowning is one of the leading causes of death for Australian children under five years old - 21 children in this age group drowned in Australia in 2011.

Swimming pools are the most common location for drownings, accounting for 38 per cent of fatal incidents.