Local Labor Party members are welcoming the chance to have their say on the Party's new leader.

Acting Armidale Branch President John Scott says both Anthony Albanese and Bill Shorten are lobbying for votes in the area.

Changes to party rules mean the rank and file will have a 50% say in the leader.

Dr Scott says he believes Party members regionally are probably more excited than their city counterparts, as it means they're getting some attention.

"In the rural areas, we tend to feel like we get a little bit neglected at times," he said.

"So this process is focusing a little bit more attention on the membership out here, and we're certainly getting a lot of communication at the moment from the nominees."

Doctor Scott says he hopes the two candidates vying for the Labor leadership will be able to visit the region before the ballot closes.

"We've certainly invited them to speak directly to members of the branches here, which are primarily Armidale and Tamworth," he said.

"We've sent an invite off, and we're hoping to get them into a Q&A session about what they can do for us here in the regions."

Votes need to be in by October 9, with the Labor caucus to vote a day later.