Newcastle Council staff will introduce work bans today with the United Services Union saying the organisation has failed to address several staff concerns.

The USU says there is a long list of outstanding issues which affect up to 50 employees.

The concerns include redundancy without severance payments and refusal by council to consider salary reviews for low paid staff.

Union organiser Rob Potter says council's general manager has not responded to the union's requests for a meeting.

He says council's response to the concerns has been disappointing.

"Our members and delegates are at a loss ," he said.

"They would prefer to try and get a road map to resolve some of these issues, but at this point in time, the feedback from the general manager has been that he's not prepared to discuss any further the items of concern."

The union is warning work bans will have an impact on local services.

Mr Potter says the workers are not setting out to inconvenience the community.

"The USU apologises to the community if there is any major impacts," he said.

"The general manager has forced our members to go back to the 1970s style of industrial relations.

"It's not a style the USU is comfortable with and unfortunately it will provide a disruption to services."