Two rescued sea lions dive to freedom in the seas off Peru.

Carlos Yaipen of the conservation group ORCA that nursed six of the injured species back to health before releasing them, says it's the first time the country has freed so many sea lions.

SOUNDBITE: Carlos Yaipen, head of conservation group ORCA Perus, saying (Spanish):

"These sea lions had broken ribs, bumps to the head, or were poisoned. All of them survived including a 15-year-old pregnant female and now we're returning them to the ocean. The sea lion colony lives on an island near Lima where they exist side by side with the city's residents."

The young sea lions were found washed up on shore between June and July and were nursed back to health before being tagged and released off the coastline near Lima.

And with a flipper hug and a touch of noses, they join the 2,000 to 3,000-strong colony.