Accused killer Gerard Baden-Clay wants his dead wife's counsellor to give evidence at his trial, a Brisbane court has heard.

Baden-Clay, 43, returned to the Supreme Court on Tuesday as prosecutors and his own lawyers argued a family counsellor should be compelled to answer questions in court.

Wearing a black suit and striped tie, the real estate agent sat in the dock during the hearing.

Prosecutor Glen Cash argued the content of three conversations between the counsellor and Allison Baden-Clay, and one between the counsellor and Baden-Clay himself, was admissible at trial.

Mr Cash said the interests of the counsellor's clients were not served by keeping the conversations secret.

"Mrs Baden-Clay is deceased. Mr Baden-Clay is on trial for her murder (and) he wishes the evidence to be admitted at the trial," he said.

He said any "chilling effect" a decision in his favour might have on family counselling more broadly was overstated because this was a rare case.

"It can't be said that the potential harm outweighs the interests in admitting the evidence in these criminal proceedings," he said.

Two conversations with Mrs Baden-Clay occurred on March 27, 2012, the prosecutor said.

On April 16, the counsellor had one conversation with Baden-Clay followed immediately by one with Mrs Baden-Clay.

Those conversations took place four days before Baden-Clay reported her missing.

Police found the counsellor's notes about the conversations in a search of the counsellor's employer Relationships Australia Queensland in May 2012.

Baden-Clay's barrister Michael Byrne said the public interest would be better served if the counsellor gave evidence.

George Kilimnios, barrister for Relationships Australia Queensland, said the Family Law Act states that communications between family counsellors and clients are not admissible in the court.

He said there was a public interest in maintaining the integrity of the scheme whereby counselling sessions are kept confidential.

Baden-Clay has been charged with murdering his wife, whose body was found on the banks of a creek in Brisbane's west in April last year.

Baden-Clay had reported her missing from their Brookfield home 10 days earlier.

His murder trial has been set down for June next year.

Tuesday's hearing continues.