Prime Minister Tony Abbott says there is more work to be done on repairing the damage done to Australia's live cattle trade with Indonesia but he's optimistic it can be revived.

Mr Abbott was in Jakarta on Tuesday, completing the final leg of his first trip overseas as prime minister after meeting with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on Monday.

Mr Abbott said there had been some progress on the live exports issue.

"I think there's a bit of work yet to be done," he told reporters.

Mr Abbott said details of plans to expand the live cattle trade would be discussed at the ministerial level.

"I'm confident there's an enthusiasm on both sides," he added, referring to a new red meat and cattle partnership with Indonesia.

Former Labor prime minister Kevin Rudd announced the establishment of the Indonesia-Australia Red Meat and Cattle Forum and a $60 million funding package over 10 years to increase agricultural co-operation and boost investment.

A temporary ban on live cattle exports to Indonesia in 2011, sparked by televised footage of cattle being mistreated in local abattoirs, seriously damaged the Australian industry, graziers say.

Although the export ban was lifted later in 2011, Indonesia still reduced its import quota from 660,000 head to 260,000 per year.

During a state dinner on Monday night, Mr Abbott regretted the former Labor government's sudden decision to suspend live cattle exports "in panic over a TV program".