There's a new apartment building Tokyo, built especially for the wine lover who needs more space for those precious bottles.

The Wine Apartments is a 10-story development featuring a temperature-controlled room in the basement which holds 10,000 bottles for residents.

SOUNDBITE: Takayuki Suzuki, president of Inovv Inc., saying (Japanese):

"We wanted to create a residential space that gives joy to your life, and that's why we created this Wine Apartment. We hope this new apartment can fulfill the desire of those crazy wine-lovers who praise wine all the time."

Each of the 18 units has a wine fridge which holds 26 bottles.

Plus, a sommelier is available on the weekends for advice, which manager Wataru Iwamoto says is rare.

SOUNDBITE: Wataru Iwamoto, sommelier and general manager of BWB Japan, saying (Japanese):

"There's only a limited number of sommeliers available in Japan, and it's almost impossible to call a sommelier to your house to get professional service. But, that is possible in this Wine Apartment."

But, all this comes at a cost.

Rental on the apartments - which are just an average of 45 square meters or around 480 square feet in size - is around $2,500 U.S. dollars a month.

Add onto that the cost of wine basement storage at $200 dollars a month and you might not have much left in your budget to buy any wine.