Hospital staff and community members in Parkes and Forbes are reportedly happy with the planned lay outs of their new hospitals.

The State Government has committed almost 70 million dollars to refurbishing the Forbes Hospital and rebuilding the Parkes Hospital.

The Health Minister, Jillian Skinner, unveiled the schematic designs for the projects yesterday.

The co-chairman of the Lachlan Health Council, Malcolm Stacey, says the plans reflect the past 12 months of consultation.

"The designs that have come about really represent that huge input of staff," he said.

"Any member of staff who's wanted to participate, has had the opportunity to participate.

"So much of what is now appearing on paper reflects the input of staff."

He says it is also incredible to see the Parkes upgraded chemotherapy unit completed after a long campaign for improvements.

Minister Skinner, visited the refurbished unit yesterday as part of her tour.

Mr Stacey, says prior to the upgrade some cancer patients have been forced to travel to Orange for treatment.

"Well we've been trying to have the service become a more permanent, stable service with more local staff for about four years now.

"We're delighted we've got four chairs in an updated, upgraded facility, even before the new hospital's built we can expand the treatment for people in our region."