Washington, DC - October 4, 2013

1. SOUNDBITE: (English) Rep. John Boehner, Speaker of the House

"You know, in a crisis like we're in the middle of this week, the American people expect their leaders to sit down and try to resolve their differences. I was at the White House the other night and listening to the president some 20 times explain to me why he wasn't going to negotiate. I sat there and listened to the Majority Leader of the United States Senate describe to me that he's not going to talk until we surrender. And then this morning, I get the Wall Street Journal out and it says, well we don't care how long this lasts because we're winning. This isn't some damn game. The American people don't want their government shut down and neither do I. All we're asking for is to sit down and have a discussion and to bring fairness - reopen the government - and bring fairness to the American people under Obamacare. It's as simple as that. But it all has to begin with a simple discussion."


With the partial government shutdown in its fourth day and no end in sight, House Speaker John Boehner demanded again Friday that the White House and congressional Democrats negotiate about ways to re-open the government and address criticisms of the president's health care law.

At a news conference Friday, Boehner criticized President Barack Obama and Senate Democrats for their refusal to discuss delays or changes in the health care law, saying, 'This isn't some damn game.'

He said House Republicans still want "fairness to the American people" under the program critics call "Obamacare."

Democrats have flatly refused to take up any budget legislation that alters or delays Obamacare, insisting it's a non-starter.

They've directly criticized Boehner for failing to bring up a vote before the full House a reopening of the government without conditions.