Human rights campaigners joined Greenpeace protesters in Hong Kong to show their support for the group of Greenpeace activists being held in Russia.

Almost 150 gathered on Saturday to voice their opposition to Russia's actions

Last month, a Greenpeace ship approached a Russian oil drilling platform in the Arctic. Two activists attempted to board the platform.

All 30 were arrested and have been charged with piracy, a crime that could carry a 15 year in prison sentence.

Holding signs that read 'save Arctic 30', the Amnesty International demonstrators in Hong Kong say the charges of piracy are outrageous.


"This is totally absurd and damaging, that's why we are here supporting Greenpeace to support the freedom of expression."

More than 800,000 people have written to Russian embassies calling for the release of the Arctic 30 with peaceful demonstrations planned in over 80 cities around the world.