STORY: Britain's Prince Harry said Australia felt like a second home as he left Sydney on Sunday (October 6) for a short trip to Perth on the country's west coast before heading to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, later that day.

"I'm very sad to be leaving Sydney. It's been absolutely fantastic. The weather has been beautiful which was very lucky for us. And, yeah it's just, as I said, very sad to be leaving. Work, I just can't get the time off work nowadays," the fourth in line to the British throne told reporters at Sydney airport.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott accompanied the prince on his trip to Western Australia where he will only be staying for a few hours before leaving for Dubai, United Arab Emirates, around 48 hours after he first arrived in Australia on Friday (October 4).

On Saturday (October 5) Prince Harry was on hand to help celebrate 100 years since the Royal Australian Navy fleet first entered Sydney harbour.

He inspected international warships and their crews, met the public, joined Abbott for a reception at Kirribilli House, the official Sydney residence of the PM, and then watched the spectacular fireworks from his hotel room, local media said.