SHOTLIST(including transcript):-

AP Entertainment

Macau, Oct 6th 2013

1. Nicolas Cage arriving at photo call

2. Close up Nicolas Cage posing for photographers

3. Zhao Ben Shan arriving at photo call

4. Sam Worthington speaking to reporter

5. SOUNDBITE (English), Sam Worthington, actor, on Chinese cinema

"You make movies for an audience, you don't make movies for yourself. Here, they embrace movies, they embrace the culture. Look at how many things are here? It's crazy. That means, there's a love for films, there's a love for what I do as a job. It's very humbling to come to a place that appreciates movies and what we tend to do"

6. Jeremy Irons arriving at the photo call

7. Close up Jeremy Irons posing for photographers

8. Pan shot of the banquet room of the Huading Welcome Dinner.

9. Wide of Cage, Tarantino, Irons and Worthington leaving hand print for Venetian Hotel's Avenue of Stars

10. SOUNDBITE (English/Mandarin), Nicholas Cage, on Chinese cinema

"Hollywood kicked us all out of town. China, the rest of the world knows, is the new face of cinema. You're going to have the biggest movie studio in the world in China, and I'm very thankful that Chinese people have always invited me and been warm to me and that we're going to be making a lot of movies here. I just want to say (Mandarin) 'I love you guys' "