A police officer was forced to run to the scene of a robbery on Tasmania's east coast after thieves slashed the tyres of his car.

Police say the well planned raid was carried out about 1:20am.

The police officer based at Orford had just returned from night patrol duties when alarms went off at the local supermarket.

He was forced to make his way on foot because two tyres of his police car had been slashed.

Nearby Triabunna police were called in but the thieves had gone.

They had smashed their way into a locked cupboard, stealing an estimated $20,000 worth of cigarettes.

In the state's south, police are investigating an out-of-control party sparked by a Facebook post.

Two police cars from Kingston were sent to a home on the Channel Highway at Taroona about 9pm.

It is understood the party was posted on social media attracting a large group of teenagers.

A man was hit in the head and a nearby car was damaged after being walked over.

No charges have been laid.