Prime Minister Tony Abbott says he will work as constructively as he can with Clive Palmer's new Senate voting bloc and he's confident the cross benchers will respect his government's mandate.

The Palmer United Party (PUP) is entering an alliance with the Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party's Ricky Muir.

The deal extends PUP's power in the new Senate, which will come into effect on July 1 next year.

Speaking on the sidelines of an international summit in Brunei, Mr Abbott said he was aware of the development.

"I am confident that everyone in this parliament will want to see a different spirit this time than last time," he told reporters.

"I'm confident everyone in this parliament very well understands that the new government has a clear mandate to get certain things done."

Mr Abbott says the public also wants a more constructive parliament after three years of minority government.

But he's already dismissed Mr Palmer's call for more resources for his party to ensure efficient decision-making on legislation.

"We will adhere to the standard convention when it comes to staffing minor parties and independents," he said.