STORY: Tom Hanks opened up about his Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis at the London premiere of his controversial new movie 'Captain Phillips' as it kicked off the BFI London Film Festival on Wednesday (October 9). The actor told Reuters Television he was a little surprised at the amount of interest in his disclosure about his health, which he made recently on David Letterman's US talk show. "I have known it's [at] epidemic proportions and I knew that from my doctor when it first happened. I thought I really was just sharing a little bit of goofy medical history with David Letterman, but no it's all part of the education that started with me when I got the news a few years ago that it might be a possibility, so I welcome the discussions," he said. Rising prevalence of obesity, unhealthy diets and sedentary lifestyles have made diabetes an ever growing public health problem in many countries. The chronic disease, for which there is no cure, is striking at younger people, even teenagers.