The rapidly growing and aging population of the mid north coast is putting pressure on some categories of elective surgery.

The Mid North Coast Local Health District said elective surgy waiting times are however still better than in many other parts of the state.

But Health District spokeswoman Kathleen Ryan said in areas like Coffs Harbour and Port Macquarie people wanting knee and hip replacements can wait almost a year.

"For our particular population knee surgery, knee replacement and hip replacements are big volume and that does reflect our ageing population," he said.

"People wanting to come and retire to the mid north coast because it's such a lovely spot.

"So we do see a lot of retirees coming to this area and that's the sort of surgery that they require."

Ms Ryan said the elective surgery waiting times in many areas are improving, and in some cases are half the state average.

She said the waiting time for some ear nose and throat surgery is around 45 days.

"For the categories of semi-urgent the benchmark for the state is, what's agreed to be clinically appropriate is within 90 days," she said.

"So that's an improvement.

"So we're being seen within half what's the clinically appropriate category."