The Mayor of Cobar says a large sharps disposal unit at the local hospital will now make it easier for people to discard used needles and syringes.

Lilliane Brady says she was recently approached by a woman with cancer who was told her sharps waste could not be accepted at the hospital due to the size of the container she had been using.

"This particular lady had a smaller container, she took the smaller container to the hospital and they didn't want to take it," she said.

The woman asked that council take on responsibility for sharps disposal.

Councillor Brady says while the council cannot do that, she has negotiated with the local health district for small containers to be accepted.

"The area board now has given us a big container so that they can take their syringes up there and drop them in this container, 120 litres container and all's well," she said.

"In the meantime the chemist is also taking them."