Queensland police fear they could be murdered by bikies trying to evade capture and prosecution under the state's tough new anti-bikie laws.

The police union says more officers should be armed with semi-automatic assault rifles and body armour to keep them safe during the crackdown.

The union wants powerful Remington R4 carbine .223 guns with scopes, shotguns and personal body armour tailored to individual officers, The Courier-Mail says.

The weapons are available to specialist units and police in isolated areas but the high-powered weapon has not been allocated to the South East region.

In a letter to Commissioner Ian Stewart, union president Ian Leavers said the new laws had "drastically altered the policing landscape" in Queensland.

"With members and office bearers of Criminal Motorcycle Gangs (CMGs) looking at lengthy mandatory prison sentence of up to 25 years, many police have expressed to me the view that these tools as well as personal body armour should be made available to all police," Mr Leavers wrote.

"Police believe that with offenders facing these penalties, offenders may well try to commit murder of police to evade capture."

With the murder of Gold Coast detective Damian Leeding during a tavern hold-up still fresh, Mr Leavers said officers were concerned.

"I do not want a single officer murdered in the line of duty as a result of these laws," he said.

"These measures would probably prevent the loss of life, not only of police but of innocent bystanders."

In a leaked email, Commissioner Ian Stewart said the supply of the R4 rifle to the South East region was being reviewed.