If it looks like these diners are getting the silent treatment -- it's because they are.

"Eat" restaurant in Brooklyn, New York takes its name quite literally and has banned chit-chat at the dinner table.

Managing Chef Nicholas Nauman says the idea is for patrons to be able to better savor the food flavors.

SOUNDBITE: Managing Chef of EAT, Nicholas Nauman, saying (English):

"It's like when you take a piece of lettuce and you put it against your lips, there are an incredible number of sensations going on that we are not paying any attention to. And I think that's just a microcosm of our entire experience in which our perception and our consciousness are always confronting the world with the five faculties of the senses, plus the mental activity. And to actually have an opportunity to engage that, to explore that, to just be with that is really rare."

Nauman says the concept is based on his own expierience eating breakfast in silence while living in a Buddhist monastery in India.

The four-course silent dinner costs about $40 U.S. dollars. And while it's an adjustment, these folks say it was a tasteful experience.

SOUNDBITE: Jessica, silent diner, saying (English):

"I actually liked it. I thought it helped me slow down and think about every bite, instead of just devouring it and then realizing it was gone. So I really enjoyed it. And it brought out a lot of the flavor in the food and it was good."

SOUNDBITE: Ben, silent diner, saying (English):

"It's tough. I really missed the conversation, but the food was great. But I like talking to people as much as I like eating food, so I like both together. It's hard to separate them."

If you're looking for an organic meal that will hit your taste buds, this may be the spot for you.

Just remember, talking is off the menu.