Visitors to Madame Tussauds in New York are getting some early Halloween cheer.

The museum's wax statue of Lady Gaga was joined by a pumpkin face of the singer carved by master carver Hugh McMahon.

Which isn't difficult for McMahon who has made a living out of carving gourds for the past 35 years.

SOUNDBITE: Hugh McMahon , Pumpkin Carver, saying (English)

"The Einstein was quite easy because he has kind of very defined features, the big hair and a nice nose and so forth. So that was pretty easy. The lady Gaga was a little more difficult because she has refined features and you want to make sure you have a nice smooth face and stuff like that."

In the process he garnered some pint-sized fans eager to create their own jack o' lanterns.

SOUNDBITE: Six-Year-Old Jordan, saying (English)

"I would carve Barack Obamas. Barack Obamas because he is the president."

SOUNDBITE: Five-Year-Old Lea, saying (English)

"Little mermaid, because I like little mermaid."

The annual celebration of Halloween takes place on October 31.

And during Halloween weekend from ther 26th through 27th kids in costume will have free admission to the museum in New York.