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Beverly Hills, 22 October 2012

1. Wide of Bradley Cooper on red carpet

2. Close of Robert De Niro on red carpet

3. Mid of Susan Sarandon on red carpet

4. Mid of Ezra Miller on red carpet

5. Wide of Amy Adams on red carpet

6. Wide of Richard Gere on red carpet

7. SOUNDBITE (English) Richard Gere, actor:

"There seems to be an epidemic of this because they gave me one in Zurich and then there was one in San Sebastian a couple of years ago. I guess I really am that old that people are thinking he's almost done but it's not true."

8. Push in on Helen Hunt on red carpet

9. Wide of Dustin Hoffman and wife on red carpet

10. Close of Amy Adams on red carpet

11. Wide of Marion Cotillard on red carpet

12. Mid of Ben Affleck talking to a reporter

13. SOUNDBITE (English) Ben Affleck, actor/director:

"Movies are a director's medium. It's a hard thing to intuit because you see one man or woman on the screen as the centre of it and you think well it's them, it's their movie. They're not really controlling it or making the movie at all beyond their performance. Directors are responsible for better or worse and that maybe inside baseball but it's the way it is and it's one of the things that made me want to direct, to assume that responsibility and say hey look can I do this? I'm going to succeed or fail on my own merits."

14. SOUNDBITE (English) Marion Cotillard, actress:

"You know it's something to share your movie outside of your country and to have a very positive response, so we're very happy."

15. Mid of Robert De Niro and Bradley Cooper on the red carpet

16. SOUNDBITE (English) Bradley Cooper, actor:

"By the time we'd shot that movie we'd already done another movie and had become very friendly and so it was actually a real anchor for me in the beginning because I was a bit trepedatious about doing this David O'Russell movie and to play one of the main characters and he really anchored me and made me feel safe and I was so indebted to him. So actually it was the opposite."

17. Wide of red carpet