Dressed in their Sunday best, thousands of Catholics greet Pope Francis with applause in St. Peter's Square.

With fathers embracing daughters and mothers watching sons, they're there to celebrate "Family Day."

During his Homily, Pope Francis told his faithful to find joy in their everyday family life.


"I'd like to ask you a question today. But each one of you should place it in your heart and take it back home with you, like homework, and you find the answer on your own. How is the joy in your home? How is the joy experienced in your family? You find the answer."

After conducting the weekly Angelus prayer and blessing the pilgrims, the pope bode farewell with his now trademark Sunday send-off.


"Thank you so much for the feast yesterday and for this Mass. May the Lord bless you. I wish you a good Sunday and a good lunch. Good bye."

But before disappearing for lunch the Pope climbed on his open-back Jeep and took his time to drive around and greet the numerous pilgrims.