If Kohei Matsuno looks intense, it's because he's racing against the clock.

The barista is using his frothing skills to turn lattes into three dimensional works of art.

While he has extraordinary flair with foam, Matsuno says crafting each cup is a challenge because he only has five minutes to finish the work.

SOUNDBITE: 3D Coffee artist Kohei Matsuno saying (Japanese):

"The foam keeps breaking down, so you become unable to draw fine details. In other words, you can't make 3D art that defies gravity."

One thing he can do though - with the help of his own personal espresso maker - is craft custom designs. In this case that means creating a foam replica of customer Akira Yoshioka's dog.

SOUNDBITE: 27-year-old Akira Yoshioka who had his dog Kuro sculpted in foam, saying (Japanese):

"It looks just like him, so it's a bit of a shame to actually drink it. But even so, I think I'm going to have to. Thank you very much!"

Matsuno hopes the community of 3D latte artists will grow, but for now, he is focused on bringing pleasure to coffee lovers one foamy cup at a time.