The spooky and the spectacular hit the beach in Santa Monica, to ride a few waves and and compete in the annual Haunted Heats surf competition.

Local surf shop ZJ Boarding House has organized the event for several years and co-owner Todd Roberts said it's a fun way to get into the spirit of Halloween and surfing at the same time.

SOUNDBITE: Todd Roberts , Co-owner of surf shop ZJ Boarding House and competition host saying (English):

"We just wanted to do something really fun. Halloween is a great time to do it. That was the reason we came together. We were a bunch of surfers that wanted to get silly and wear our costumes in the water."

Competitors sure did get creative. Some came dressed as their favorite film characters. This guy went out on a limb hitting the surf as TV painting instructor Bob Ross.

And others confessed that coming up with a costume was a more practical matter.

SOUNDBITE: Contestant Marius Petrulis, who came dressed as a furry chicken, saying (English):

"It's something that I could probably swim in, but after looking at this, I'll probably drown in."

Competitors were judged on their costumes and on how well they portrayed their characters while riding the waves.