Los Altos, California - October 29, 2013


1. SOUNDBITE (English): Zachary Dahl, Los Altos City Planner:

"it's a great example of a company like Apple Computers and the creativity behind Steve Jobs starting in a very simple, basic ranch-style home. So I think it's exciting for the community to know that a home like that exists here. And, it's just giving us a chance to recognize and pay tribute to that new chapter of our history."

2. SOUNDBITE (English): Zachary Dahl, Los Altos City Planner:

"In this case, it won't change how the owners can use the property but it will mean that they are subject to our historic preservation regulations and it is listed on the city's historic resources inventory."


Mountain View, California - October 29, 2013

3. SOUNDBITE (English): Dag Spicer - Senior Curator, Computer History Museum:

"That garage is important because that's where the two Steves, Wozniak and Jobs, basically built their first 50 Apple One computers, this was a single-board computer that they made for hobbyists. // From that humble garage came the world's most valuable company. So it's an incredible leap of the imagination to think of what happened in that little garage."

4. SOUNDBITE (English): Dag Spicer - Senior Curator, Computer History Museum:

"So I think it's a good thing for the Silicon Valley. People need things to reflect on and to hold on to to have a sense of belonging."


The Silicon Valley home where Apple co-founder Steve Jobs grew up and built some of his first computers is now on the city's list of historic properties.

The historical commission in the city of Los Altos voted unanimously for the historic designation on Monday night, the Palo Alto Daily News reported. Any proposed renovations to the modest, ranch-style home now require additional review.

The home, where Jobs and his foster parents moved in 1968, is currently owned by Patricia Jobs, Steve Jobs' sister. The commission didn't need her permission for the designation, although she could appeal it to the city council.

Zachary Dahl, a senior planner with the city, said Patricia Jobs requested corrections to the city's evaluation of the property, but then didn't respond when it was sent to her for review.

Steve Jobs, with help from his sister and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, built the first 100 Apple 1 computers at the home, according to the city's evaluation. Fifty were sold to a shop in neighboring Mountain View for $500 each.

Steve Jobs also wooed some of Apple's first investors and in 1976, established the first partnership for Apple at the home. The company later relocated to nearby Cupertino.