One of the most precious pieces of jewelry in the world, the Necklace of San Gennaro, is on display in Rome.

It's one of the 70-item "Treasure of San Gennaro" that has rarely left its home city of Naples.

SOUNDBITE: Ciro Paulillo, curator, saying (Italian):

"It is a treasure that represents the Neapolitan people, they love San Gennaro and the treasure is an expression of their love and devotion towards the saint."

Ciro Paulillo, curator of the Rome exhibition, says the jewels were locked in a vault in Naples and transported to the capital in stages under armed guard.

Director of the Naples museum, Paolo Jorio says a "beautiful" thing occurred on the first trip.

SOUNDBITE: Paolo Jorio, Director of the Naples museum where the collection is usually kept (Italian):

"The very first consignment left from the Museum of the Treasure of San Gennaro, escorted by the police and a huge crowd gathered along the street, and what touched me deeply is that, travelling with the convoy, I could see all the people applauding as the armoured vehicle containing the treasure passed by."

In a collection that is more valuable than the crown jewels, there are many highlights, like this bishop's miter, made of thousands of diamonds and hundreds of rubies and emeralds.

The "Treasure of San Gennaro" will be on display to the public until February 2014.