Tasmania's longest running arts festival, Ten Days on the Island, is being expanded.

The biennial festival, which this year attracted about 17,000 people, will now include events throughout the year.

The multi-arts festival will now be known as Ten Days and will include a permanent public art gallery and box office.

Last year the Liberals' alternative budget outlined a plan to halve the festival's $ 1.5 million dollars in taxpayer funding.

Organisers say changes to the event are not related to a possible funding cut.

Executive director Mr Barker says the Liberal policy is not a big concern.

He says the changes are about reinvigorating the festival and securing its future.

"We're approaching it in a very positive way to actually demonstrate that we are here to stay, that we do have a lot to offer and we've got a lot of other creative and interesting ways to actually still be part of the Tasmanian creative community," he said.

"The festival itself will still run for 10 days and it'll happen still once every two years, but the exciting thing and the point of difference is the fact that we'll be doing events now on an ongoing basis."