More than 150 Australian websites have been hacked in protest of Australia's reported involvement in spying on Indonesia.

A group calling itself Anonymous Indonesia has taken over a range of websites with addresses ending in .au.

Last week, allegations surfaced that Australia used its Jakarta embassy as a base for political, diplomatic and economic intelligence gathering.

Indonesia reacted angrily to the claims, with foreign minister Marty Natalegawa it is "just not cricket" to engage in such activity.

The hackers claim to have taken over 178 sites, turning homepages into messages to the Australian Government.

"Stop all forms of tapping into Indonesia or we will make your internet network destroyed (sic)," one page read.

Another said: "Do not disturb Indonesia! Do you Uderstand? (sic)."

Several of the 178 sites have now been returned to normal, but many - including Queensland motels and Melbourne plumbers - remain hacked.