Plunging into the skies of Japan, Yves Rossy, known as Jetman, streaked through the clouds by the country's famous Mount Fuji.

It was the latest locale for the former 54 year-old Swiss pilot who has dedicated 10 years to his passion of flying in the most natural way possible.

What would be terrifying for most, enthralls Rossy. He says being thrust through the air with only a jet pack on his back was like being in the palms of a giant hand.

"You feel that you have pressure everywhere, and that's the magic moment. Because full trust like that, you have aerodynamic and it's like a big hand on your back and yes, it holds! And you fly."

Two meter (6.5 ft.) wide Kevlar wings and four jet engines allow a flight time of up to 13 minutes.

That was enough to propel Rossy around the sacred volcano nine times.

"That's a fantastic privilege to be a little mosquito flying in front of that big mountain."

Japan's Mt. Fuji joins a list of other iconic spots where the Jetman has flown including the United State's Grand Canyon and the English Channel.