These ancient bones found in Utah could belong to an animal that looked a lot like this.

The University of Utah has named the creature Llythronax Argestes, which means "gore king from the southwest".

The geologist who led the dig, Mark Loewen, says the dinosaur is 80 million years old.

SOUNDBITE: Mark Loewen, Geologist at the University of Utah, who led the dig for the new dinosaur, Llythronax Argestes, saying (English):

"At 80 million years old, it is the oldest Tyrannosaur of the derived group of Tyrannosaurs that lived here in North America - that includes T.Rex."

Named for its large teeth and apparent predatory dominance, the dinosaur had T. Rex-like characteristics: large size, tiny arms and a thick skull.

Scientists believe it moved around a stretch of land from Mexico to Alaska, including parts of Utah.

And luckily for Utah residents, Llythronax Argestes roams no more.