Blairstown, NJ - October 23, 2012

1. Zoom out: Don Martini standing over replica Giants stadium

2. SOUNDBITE: Don Martini/constructed replica stadium

"Well we're looking at a replica of the old Giants stadium which I have constructed over a period of about two years."

3. Medium shot: interior replica stadium

4. Tight shot: field on replica

5. SOUNDBITE: Don Martini/constructed replica stadium:

"As you can see I'm an avid Giants fan and I thought it would really be pretty neat to build the old Giants stadium and I really love the old Giants stadium. It's very unique. Most people I talk to like it better than the new one, and so I decided to give it a try."

6. Various shots of replica stadium

7. UPSOUND: Don Martini/constructed replica stadium

"The goal posts are down there and they're the proper size. Teletrons of course, they're working televisions that I got. Then I have the ring of honor, I have Carl Banks, Harry Carson, Marc Bavaro, Andy Robustelli, some of the older guys, then I have the newer stars listed around the mezzanine. And of course the all the seats are true to color, mezzanine seats were blue, the first level seats were red, and the upper deck were red. As far as the lighting goes, that was another very difficult project. I've got pretty close to the same amount of lights."

7. Wide pan: garage room housing replica stadium

8. SOUNDBITE: Don Martini/constructed replica stadium:

"I would like to have this presented somewhere down at the Met Life stadium. So that fans like myself who went to this stadium for so many years, it will bring back memories. I've had people come that still have season tickets to the new stadium after they bought them. But they would come walk in the door and they'd go 'look at that there's where I sat! there's where I sat!' They'd could go right over and point where they sat."

9. Tilt up: from stadium to Don Martini walking behind it


Nostalgic for the old Giants stadium, 75-year old Don Martini constructed a replica of the old Giants stadium in the garage of his home in Blairstown New Jersey.

The intricate wooden replica is 20 feet long and 17 feet wide and took the retired schoolteacher about 2 years to construct and cost around $20,000. His attention to detail in constructing the stadium is nothing short of impressive, making sure to keep the distinct look of the eight coil ramps and escalators located around the stadium that crowds of fans would walk down after games.

He attempted to build the stadium as true to life as possible, combing through demolition documents of the old stadium, but Martini was forced to cut the number of seats down from 80,000 to 65,000 because of space limitations in his garage.

The impressive replica structure includes working stadium lighting, a ring of honor listing past and current players names, television screens and Gatorade coolers on the team benches. There's even a working MTA trolley with moving elevators to transport make believe fans to and from the stadium.

Martini says he has trouble sleeping and has kept himself busy after retiring by building things around his home. The idea to build the stadium actually came to him in the middle of a sleepless night.

Although Martini says he built the stadium for himself, he now says he hopes one day it will find a new home, outside his garage in into Met Life stadium where fans will have a chance to admire it and reminisce about going to games in the old Giants stadium.