1. SOUNDBITE (English): Gary Shapiro, President & CEO - Consumer Electronics Association

"This CES is the largest ever by any definition but it has more companies as well, 32 hundred exhibitors. Different technologies are coming. We have a lot of new innovation here. It's unprecedented, creating new categories. Whether it's 3D printing, Ultra HD, the safe way of driving cars with all these ways of doing it heading to a driverless car as well as all of these little components that are making it the products of the future

2. Various shots of Consumer Electronics Show over soundbite

3. SOUNDBITE (English): Mark Parker, President - TREWGrip

"It's basically a Qwerty keyboard where we've rotated the keys so the muscle memory and the movement of the fingers is the same as a flat keyboard. So it allows people to remain mobile instead of having to sit down in order to do text entry."

4. Various shots of keyboard over soundbite

5. SOUNDBITE (English): Renee Blodgett, VP of Marketing - Kolibree

"You just turn it on. You brush your teeth and it monitors how long you brush, where you brush, which is really the most important thing is where you're actually getting to in your mouth. And also how you brush, whether you're brushing the right way. All of that data actually gets tracked through a smart phone that you can actually see so think about it like FitBit for your teeth."

6. Various shots of toothbrush and smart phone over soundbite

7. SOUNDBITE (English): Gary Shapiro, President & CEO - Csumer Electronics Association

We have so many different things here from so many different companies that basically we're in the start of this innovation curve which is absolutely huge because the technology is there between wireless and tiny components which do amazing things. So whether it's medicine or sports or you name it, our lives are changing by the internet of things. The connected internet doing so many different things, measuring health, lifestyle, everything. It's all here, Las Vegas, this week."

8. Various shots of Consumer Electronics Show over soundbite


Gadget geeks are singing "Viva Las Vegas."

This week the gambling mecca hosts the International CES event, the tech industry's annual trade show.

It's a chance for retailers and the media to check out the latest consumer technology...and future prototypes...inside one of the world's largest trade shows.

The event kicked off Sunday night with "CES Unveiled" where Consumer Electronics Associated President Gary Shapiro previewed the show.

Some of the big trends expected this year include the next generation of HD televisions, all kinds of wearable devices and connected cars.

There are also some quirky gadgets on display, including the "World's First Connected Electronic Toothbrush."

The International CES is expected to draw more than 150,000 attendees this year, representing the 200 billion dollar electronics industry.