Next year, AMC will air "Better Call Saul," a series focused on one of the more colorful "Breaking Bad" characters. The spin-off will then become available through Netflix to viewers in Latin America and Europe.

First rumored last April, the spin-off will give a second life to the world of "Breaking Bad," which ended September 29 in its final episode on AMC. The show will focus on Saul Goodman, the crooked lawyer played by Bob Odenkirk.

AMC has yet to disclose a date for the premiere of "Better Call Saul," but Netflix will release the first season a matter of days after its final episode on the American cable channel, in keeping with an agreement made with AMC.

The title "Better Call Saul" is taken from the name of the episode in which the character was introduced in season 2 of "Breaking Bad." Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, the show's meth-dealing protagonists played by Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, rely on the unscrupulous attorney to get one of their dealers out of prison. Saul Goodman later becomes a regular character and a partner in Walter and Jesse's drug-dealing business, helping to distribute their product and launder the proceeds.

Odenkirk's character brought a touch of levity to "Breaking Bad," and the spin-off is slated to have a lighter tone overall, recounting Saul Goodman's adventures prior to meeting Walter and Jesse.