SHOTLIST (including transcript):-

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London, 23 October 2012

1. Wide shot of red carpet outside of Royal Albert Hall

2. Pan of red carpet

3. Medium of fans behind barriers

4. Close of fan holding "Skyfall" Union Jack flag

5. Wide of Aston Martin

6. Medium of Daniel Craig, in Tom Ford suit, posing for photos with fans and signing autographs

7. Medium of Daniel Craig talking to reporter

8. Close of Daniel Craig

9. SOUNDBITE (English) Daniel Craig, actor - on Bond being happier in this film than the previous two:

"A happy Bond. I just had fun with it, I mean that is what you've got to do, you know. It's a rare thing to do."

Reporter: "And where the action scenes tougher, because they are much bigger in this film than the previous?"

Craig: "They are never that tough, they are just what they are and you just have to make them as good as you can and I try to take as much part in them as I can."

Reporter: "Last time you hurt your arm quite badly."

Craig: "Yeah, I was in a sling the last time I did this."

Reporter: "Did you get away unscathed this time?"

Craig: "I was fine. Absolutely fine."

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10. Trailer clip: "Skyfall"

AP Entertainment

London, 23 October 2012

11. Close of Javier Bardem talking to reporter

12. SOUNDBITE (English) Javier Bardem, actor - on what he will take away from his Bond experience:

"I would say this is by far one of the most...I would say the top 3 of the most enjoyable and pleasant journeys professionally and personally, really. Why? Because the movie was great, the character was amazing and the people - it's always about the human nature of the people, in a sense, that you're working with human beings and that is what makes the difference and in this case it was a great group of people."

Reporter: "And you can tick a Bond film off your list of what you want to do in your career."

Bardem: "No, no I'll put him back. I may come back. No - don't use that as something (laughs) .... That was me talking, OK."

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13. Trailer clip: "Skyfall"

AP Entertainment

London, 23 October 2012

14. Close up Naomie Harris

15. Pan up Naomie Harris

16. SOUNDBITE (English) Naomie Harris, actress - on doing action scenes:

"It's much tougher than I thought doing the action stuff. I have a real respect now for action heroes, because I never knew... You have to do regular acting as well as remembering that you are holding a gun and also you have scenery falling around you and working with a train, I mean, it's a lot to remember."

17. Medium of Dame Judi Dench

18. Close up of 007 crystal pattern on Judi Dench's neck

19. SOUNDBITE (English) Dame Judi Dench, actress - on the success of her character as the first female M:

"I don't think I realized, 8, 7 Bonds ago that it was quite so onerous to take M on as a woman, although Bernard Lee who played M originally was a huge, huge hero of mine and so he has always been in my mind. His whole attitude towards Bond - I took that on, I thought 'I'll copy him.'"

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20. Trailer clip: "Skyfall"


London, 23 October 2012

21. Medium of Daniel Craig waiting for the royals to arrive with wife Rachel Weisz

22. Wide of "Skyfall" cast waiting for arrival of royals

23. Medium of Dame Judi Dench and Daniel Craig greeting Prince Charles

24. Medium of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall receiving flowers from child