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Location - Date: CONCORD, N.H. - Dec. 27

1. Cars passing by the Legislative Office Building in Concord, N.H.

2. Worker shoveling

3. SOUNDBITE (English): Dale Lamprey, New Hampshire state worker:

"I got here quarter of five and it's been windy, it's been snowing and I think it changed over to sleet and freezing rain at one point. As you can see, it's pretty bad."

4. Plow driving down the street

5. Worker shoveling

6. Lamprey shoveling

7. SOUNDBITE (English): Dale Lamprey, New Hampshire state worker:

"Just like this. I'm going to be shoveling all day, just trying to keep up with the snow. Which is impossible."

8. Icicle hanging from a light.


One man shoveling the sidewalk outside the legislative building in Concord, N.H., says he expects to be at it all day, just trying to keep up with the snow that's falling.

There's already a foot of snow on the ground in some locations, after the storm pushed its way through the upper Ohio Valley and into the Northeast. The East Coast's largest cities -- New York, Philadelphia and Boston -- are seeing mostly high winds and rain.

The death toll from the storm has risen to 12.

Power utilities across northern New England have line and tree crews out in force, in case the winter storm brings down power lines.

Before moving into the Northeast, it dumped a record snowfall in Arkansas and ruined holiday travel plans around the region.

The National Weather Service says the Northeast's heaviest accumulations will be in northern Pennsylvania, upstate New York and inland sections of several New England states.