Washington Dec. 29

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7. SOUNDBITE: President Barack Obama(Transcript Below)

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It looks serene from the outside but Senators are said to be working furiously inside trying to find a way to avoid the pending fiscal cliff.

With just a couple of days left in the year Senate leaders are groping for a compromise that would avoid middle-class tax increases and deep spending cuts.

SOT Senator Roy Blunt (R- Missouri),

"Economists not representing either political party have continually warned that going over the so-called fiscal cliff will lead to devastating job losses at a time when American families and small business owners are still struggling to get back on their feet."

Something the president agrees with.

SOT Obama

We just can't afford a politically self-inflicted wound to our economy.

However the parties differ on just how to avert such a crisis and it's that lack of consensus that could prove insermountable.


If they still want to vote no, and let this tax hike hit the middle class, that's their prerogative - but they should let everyone vote.

That vote could come as early as this weekend in the Senate with the House expecting to act soon afterwards.

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