Portland, Oregon - December 31, 2012

1. SOUNDBITE: Lt. Gregg Hastings/Oregon State Police:

What we have released and what we know at this time is that the bus with 49 passengers....or which 10 or 9 are deceased....that bus was headed westbound in the left lane....and for an undetermined was part of our investigation to determine why this has occured.....the bus collided with the left concrete barrier, bordering the left, inside shoulder of the traffic lane....the bus veered across both westbound lanes....struck a guardrail, continued through the guardrail where it came to rest. Many of the occupants were ejected or partially ejected from the bus....there obviously were many people injured still inside the bus."

2. SOUNDBITE: Lt. Gregg Hastings/Oregon State Police:

"we have not as of about an hour ago, been able to retrieve the bus from the bottom of the embankment...they are still working on bringing that back up to the highway. Once it is brought back up to the highway, we'll take it to a secondary location, where it will be subject to a mechanical inspection. Subject obviously to photographs...any that we think we should take from there...and will also gather personal property;


Authorities say it may be a month or more before investigators and prosecutors decide whether to file charges in the crash of a tour bus in Eastern Oregon that killed nine people.

At a news conference Monday, State Police Lt. Gregg Hastings said investigators don't know how fast the bus was going, but there were icy spots on Interstate 84 through the Blue Mountains.

Hastings says 48 people, most of them Koreans, were on the bus that hit a concrete barrier, veered across both westbound lanes, went through a guardrail and plunged 200 feet down a bank. Hastings says authorities are working with the South Korean consulate to identify victims.

Some survivors have been released from regional hospitals, and a few are in serious or critical condition. Their ages range from 7 to 74.