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Los Angeles, California - Jan. 1, 2013

1. SOUNDBITE: Sgt. Rudolfo Lopez, LAPD:

Six o'clock California Highway Patrol conducts a traffic stop of a white Ferrari going north on the 405 just south of getty drive. While conducting his investigation, he notices a male white cross four lanes of traffic on Sepulveda on the other side of the fence, which gives him concern. He tells the individual to return to his car. He refuses. It goes back and forth. By the second warning, he turns around. While crossing, he gets struck by a car. That car that struck him stays at the location until a rescue ambulance comes to the location. He's transported and that individual died. Outside of it being registered to him (Justin Bieber), I don't think it's pertinent to the cause of the accident. So, eventually they'll probably want to talk to him. (Reporter: It was his vehicle?) It is registered to him, yes. (Reporter: So, he owns the vehicle?). Again his vehicle was not involved with the accident itself, so it was just a precursor to why the highway patrol was out there. So I don't know if we really need to do follow-up.)

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2. Various of accident aftermath at the scene with yellow police tape

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3. Still of Justin Bieber wearing a plaid shirt

4. Still of Justin Bieber wearing black stud earrings


Police say a paparazzo was hit by a car and killed after taking photos of Justin Bieber's Ferrari sports car in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles police Officer James Stoughton says the man died at a hospital Tuesday evening. Stoughton says Bieber was not in the car at the time.

Sgt. Rudy Lopez told the Los Angeles Times newspaper that the pop star's friend was driving the car when it was pulled over for a traffic stop. It was parked on a busy street when the photographer arrived.

Police say the man was struck by a car as he returned to his own car.

Stoughton says no charges are expected against the motorist who hit the man.

A call to a Bieber publicist was not immediately returned.