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Aurora, Colorado -- Jan. 9, 2013

1. SOUNDBITE: Tom Sullivan/Victim's Father

I think I was doing what any father would do. I was out in front. Where's my son, what can I do to get to him. What was I doing.

2. AP Photo of Tom Sullivan and Two Women at Crime Scene when it happpend.

3. SOUNDBITE: Tom Sullivan/Victim's Father

Two most important women in the world to me. I need to get them and try to comfort them. And get them inside and move from there.

4. AP Photo of Tom Sullivan and others outside holding up flyers

5. SOUNDBITE: Tom Sullivan/Victim's Father

I talked with the assistant coroners, they told me what had happened. They told me how he died. And that's what I needed to hear.

6. AP Photo of Tom Sullivan and others outside

7. SOUNDBITE: Tom Sullivan/Victim's Father

8. I think the DA's office. They are proceeding along this. That's what they do, and that's what they are supposed to do. My being there isn't...I don't need to be there to check on them....or to see who this person was....and to glare at them....that's not going to help us in any way. I'm not doing a disservice to Alex by not being there....because I don't believe he wanted me to do.

9. AP Photo of Tom Sullivan and son at table

10. SOUNDBITE: Tom Sullivan/Victim's Father

He was friends with everybody....he could be friends with everybody...and he never had a bad word to say to anybody....

11. AP Photo of Tom Sullivan and son in back yard.

12. SOUNDBITE: Tom Sullivan/Victim's Father

Alex is more than a victim of that theater.

13. Video of Alex Sullivan Alex Sullivan holding up funeral pamphlet

14. SOUNDBITE: Tom Sullivan/Victim's Father

I plan to spend a portion of his birthday like I always did. We're going to the movies. We're going to see something.....something exciting....that's what we did.

15. Photo of Alex Sullivan in sport coat outside

16. SOUNDBITE: Tom Sullivan/Victim's Father

17. We'll miss having him around, but we'll never forget him.


The photos were chilling and enigmatic, just like their subject. In the pictures, taken on his IPhone hours before the Aurora movie theater massacre, accused gunman James Holmes mugs for the camera, sticks out his tongue and smiles as he holds a Glock under his face and displays his arsenal arrayed on his bed.

Prosecutors who displayed the pictures at a hearing that ended Wednesday argued the photos display "identity, deliberation and extreme indifference."

Although many relatives of the victims are attending the court hearing, others are absent, including Tom Sullivan, whose son Alex turned 27 on the night of the shooting. Sullivan says he doesn't need to be in the courtroom to check on the prosecutors. He says he doesn't believe his son would have suggested it.

Holmes' attorneys _ who have been setting up an insanity defense and said they might present testimony about the defendant's mental health _ decided not to call any witnesses.

Prosecutors presented the most detailed description of the attack and Holmes' alleged months of preparation. But they never addressed the mystery of why Holmes opened fire six weeks after leaving a neuroscience graduate program.

Legal experts say evidence against Holmes is so strong that the case may end in a plea deal. That would make the hearing the only detailed presentation of the evidence that victims, their families and the public will hear.