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Afghan women barred from uni entrance exam

Afghan authorities have told private universities that women are barred from taking university entry exams.

January 29, 2023
29 January 2023

The Taliban-run Ministry of Higher Education has banned female students in Afghanistan from registering for the 2023 university entrance exam.

A letter sent to private universities and higher education institutions by authorities outlined the restrictions, local broadcaster TOLOnews reported on Saturday.

The letter states that female students cannot enrol until “further notice”.

Officials in the Ministry of Higher Education later confirmed the letter and the report to the DPA news agency.

Since the Taliban returned to power in August 2021, Afghanistan has become the only country worldwide to deny women education.

The Taliban initially banned teenage girls from attending schools beyond year six. 

More recently, university education for women was suspended until further notice. 

The Taliban cited what it claimed were violations of Islamic dress codes and co-education in banning women from universities.

UNESCO earlier this week dedicated this year’s International Day of Education to girls and women in Afghanistan. 

The UN Secretary General called on the Taliban to reverse the ban on Afghan women and girls’ access to secondary and higher education.

In addition, the Organisation of Islamic Co=operation, an intergovernmental group consisting of all Muslim-majority countries, has rejected the Taliban’s claim that its treatment of Afghan women and girls is in line with Islam’s Sharia law.

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