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Louis Vuitton turns South Korean bridge into runway

A bridge spanning the Han River in the South Korean capital Seoul has been turned into a massive fashion runway.

April 30, 2023
30 April 2023

Louis Vuitton has transformed a bridge spanning the Han River into a massive runway for its latest collection.

Models strutted down the Jamsugyo Bridge to music to showcase the luxury fashion house’s pre-autumn collection that included sunglasses, chunky black-and-white loafers and sandals as well as an assortment of large, colourful bags and smaller ones adorned with the label’s logo.

The audience for Louis Vuitton’s first South Korean show included a mix of K-pop stars including Taeyeon from Girls’ Generation, members of Le Sserafim and Yeji from ITZY and celebrities like Chloë Grace Moretz, Jaden Smith and Squid Game director Hwang Dong-hyuk.

The show opened with a burst of traditional Korean music before the lighting changed and cast the bridge in an eerie blue.

Global luxury brands have been keen recently to expand into South Korea with the rise of K-pop music and global interest in the country’s film and television projects.

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